ArcheAge Online Guide to Class System and Development

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ArcheAge has a very unique class system. Essentially it revolves around combining three different types of specializations. You can combine any set of three specializations together. All in all, there are 120 classes total you can make with this system. You can, for instance, create a melee spell caster or a defensive bow user with this system. It’s incredibly flexible. Each class has a specific name and playstyle.

The system, despite being flexible, isn’t overly complicated. Players choose between each of the specializations as they gain levels (the first is chosen while creating your character). By the time a player reaches level 10, they can choose from all three specializations. At this time they’re also able to pay gold to reset all three at any time. This even lets them reset their first specialization if they would like to.archeage stats

After choosing three specializations, players will get to place points into skills they wish to improve– both passive and active. This system should feel familiar to most MMORPG veterans and allows players to further customize their skillset. Since the trinity system is in place, tanks and healers, of course will need to pick certain specializations (Defense and Vitalism respectively), but which combinations they use exactly can remain unique.

These customizations allow players to make a solid amount of interesting choices. Here are some of the most interesting class examples in ArcheAge: Hexblade, Dreadhunter, Doomlord, Abolisher, Bloodreaver, Bonestalker, Dreadbow, Blackguard, Fiendhunter, Spellsword, Blade Dancer, Bloodthrall, Dreambreaker, Nightcloak, Shadestriker, Stormcaster, Shaman, Earthsinger and Templar. Each class players completely differently. A Dreadhunter, for example, is a hybrid melee/archer DPS who can use witchcraft spells. A Fiendhunter is a hybrid melee/archer DPS who specializes in AoE.

archeage class trees

The options are almost limitless. This can be an extremely powerful asset while soloing the game or while leveling. During endgame and in group content, the class options will likely be more limited, however, but players will still be able to feel somewhat unique if they choose. This flexibility should also lend itself well to world PvP in ArcheAge where surprising other players with a unique spec can be a viable strategy.

One of the downsides of such a flexible system, of course, is that it’s not perfectly balanced in its current state. Unlike Final Fantasy XV guide, many classes, extremely the hybrid classes, are currently very undervalued and perform less then expected in comparison to other classes which tend to be more popular. This results in many classes being rather unpopular.

With any luck, Trion will continue to balance the individual classes and specializations further as the game nears launch. All 120 classes may not be perfectly balanced, but they’ll be fun, unique and ideally balanced enough to see frequent use by the community. ArcheAge– without a doubt– has one of the most unique class systems in any MMORPG, and that’s a very good thing indeed. is the place to go if you're still quite unsure where to go for your online gold needs. They have an impressive archeage gold provider comparison system that allows you to compare prices too.