Best Gold Farming Class in ArcheAge Online

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Everything is about gold in MMORPGs, and the same is true for ArcheAge Online. In the past, the best trick used by the most truly competitive gold farmers out there was finding out which class was best at taking down multiple mobs continuously and effortlessly. The more kills they got, the more gold they looted. This is also true for ArcheAge, but there is a staggering 120 different classes to choose from in the game, so how on earth does someone discover which class it is that’s going to let them maximize the most profit? That’s a pretty tough question for someone just starting out.

Luckily, the legwork and the research has already been done, so if you’re wanting to roll a class that’ll truly let you maximize your profits, take a look at the following guide:

Gold farming classes are almost always the same. They’re the class that can take the least amount of damage while outputting the best AOE DPS. Sometimes minimizing damage is done through healing; other times it’s done through a pet-tank or by kiting and stunning. This idea is quite similar to leveling in blade and soul. For ArcheAge, a combination of stun locks and heals are both available. Classes in ArcheAge, as you probably know, are determined by choosing three different skill sets. Below are the three best skill sets if you want to be an unstoppable PVE farmer:

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The Sorcery set has a ton of great survivability skills to choose from. Some of them include Insulating Lens, which is a protective bubble and Freezing Earth, which is a great AOE snare. In addition to that, they’re able to pump out a ton of damage with spells like Magic Circle, which increases DPS output, and Searing Rain, a solid AOE damage ability.


Witchcraft is an interesting choice that pairs very well with Sorcery. Earthen Grip is a solid snare that can keep enemies back. Enervate will increase the duration of stuns and trips. Using these two together will give you a very solid self-healing affect. There’s also Play Dead, which will allow you to get out of a tough situation quickly if you pull too many mobs. Banshee’s wail is also a great fear spell to have out.


With Occultism, you’ll have Hell Spear to impale enemies, while Mana Stars will dish out good damage and reduce movement speed. Summon Crows will do great AOE damage while also reducing enemies’ accuracy.

The Demonologist

Combining the three of these skill sets together gets you a class called the Demonologist. There is a ton of synergy amongst the three that you’ve chosen, so make sure to test out everything. However, here is the standard rotation you’ll want to use for basic PVE gold farming:

  • Insulating Lens
  • Mana Stars (to pull)
  • Banshee’s Wail
  • Magic Circle
  • Searing Rain
  • Hell Spear
  • Summon Crows
  • Freezing Earth

After this point, your enemies will most likely be dead. Use Play Dead if you get too much and use an Enervate and Flame Bolt combo if you need to heal yourself.

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