ArcheAge Gold Guide – Olives

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  • Time Cost: very low
  • Labor Cost: low
  • Exchange Rate: medium – high
  • Land needed: yes
  • min. Level: 10

There are many options to create an income of gold within ArcheAge. Most of them need the usage of Labor Points and Time but the exchange rate between Time + Labor Points to Gold changes greatly. This guide covers a method that needs very low Time and low Labor Point usage for a medium to high Gold exchange rate.

As you need Land for this method you need to be at least Level 10 for the 8×8 Scarecrow or a Off the Grid Farm (not recommend). This method is a perfect income option for casual player as you only need ~5 seconds per 4×4 Land space you own every ~14 hours:

8×8 Farm = ~20 seconds

16×16 Farm = ~ 80 seconds

32×32 Farm = ~160 seconds

What you have to do is plant as much olive saplings as possible on your land and harvest them every ~14 hours. One olive tree will yield between 2 to 4 olives while u can sell one olive at the auction house for 15 to 20 silver resulting on your 8×8 farm with the average yield of 12 olives per 14 hours in 1,8g to 2,4g. On your 16×16 farm or on a farm house this would result in 6,4g to 9,6g.

In one week you can gather your trees up to twelve times:

8×8 = ~25g

16×16 = ~100g

Harvesting once per day – seven times:

8×8 = ~15g

16×16 = ~60g

To increase your income even more you are able to plant eight small plants or raise eight small animals between your olive trees, keep in mind that this result in a higher Labor Points and Time cost.

As olives are needed in crafting and in trade packs the sales quantity is huge and with a undercutting of 1 copper your olives will be sold within the 6 hours time frame.

Every tree has a small chance to disappear when harvesting, to minimize the rate of failures it is strongly recommended to place your farm in a temperate climatic zones as you save ~6 hours to grow another olive tree out of a sapling.

Recommend “small” plants are Aloe Seeds as the growth time of Aloe is the same as the harvest time for olives.

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