Guide to Jury System and Prison Break in ArcheAge Online Gameplay

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One of the most exciting things about Archeage is the amount of freedom it’ll give to players. While this will be fun, there are many people out there who will wish to lead a life of crime, which is completely within the game’s rules. So does that mean the criminals are going to rule over the innocent and do-gooders? Not at all; there is an in-depth justice system implemented in the game that’ll let players punish others for criminal behavior, such as crop-stealing and killing faction members. Jury and Trial A Good Samaritan will be able to report a crime if they come across any evidence. Murders leave bloodspots and thievery will leave footprints behind. Reporting these will cause a player to earn crime points, and once the offending player has accumulated at least 50, they’ll be sent to trial the next time they die in PVP. Once they’re in trial, a prisoner can opt to plead guilty for a reduced sentence. If he chooses to plead his innocence, then he’ll be sent to trial where he will be placed before a jury of five random players. These players vote for guilt or non-guilt after reviewing the case. The amount of guilty votes a player accumulates from these five will determine just how long the player will serve their sentence, which can be anywhere from as low as four minutes to as high as 20 hours. trial and jury Prison So what does a player do once they’ve found themselves in a prison? Some will just wait for their sentence to expire, but breaking out can be rather easy. Players will have to find a key by killing rats or digging, at which point they’ll be able to access the prison tower and glide to freedom. Once they’re out, they can go wherever they want, but the prison debuff won’t go away from the player until the duration has been set, which makes some activities harder to do. By having your crimes reported, you’ll earn crime points. For each of these that are earned, the player will also earn an infamy point. Crime points will disappear after serving a sentence, but infamy points remain forever unless removed by doing certain quests. These infamy points can accrue over time. If a player gets 3000 of these infamy points, they become a pirate, which means they become exempt from punishment for murdering faction members and will have access to special pirate quests. The crime system is a rather unique feature when it comes to MMORPGs, but ArcheAge has put it together very well and it can be a lot of fun for players familiar with all of its ins and outs.

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