Can ArcheAge Online Claim the Crown of MMO World?

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ArcheAge Online is an innovative and visually stunning sandbox MMORPG currently available in Korea and scheduled for a TBA release date in North America. Based in a rich and complex steampunk-meets-medeival fantasy world, AAO offers an exciting twist on some of the MMO archetypes we’ve come to love. Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights of this new up-and-coming game that’s likely to give top dogs like WoW and ESO a run for their money:

1. Classes
aa classOne of the most groundbreaking features of ArcheAge Online is its highly customizable class system and how it interfaces with the game’s dynamic combat. Players don’t choose a typical cookie-cutter class like in most MMO’s, but are able to create their own class by combining any 3 talent trees from the initial pool of 10, offering players a possible 120 class options. This feature allows for unique combinations of melee dps, tanking, utility, spellcasting, etc. that result in interesting classes like the Predator, a powerful CC and burst combo, as well as the Grim Reaper, a deadly combination of magic burst trees.


2. Real-World Economy & Piracy
An exciting aspect of the game not found in popular MMO’s like WoW is the player-based economy that operates in real-time. merchant cartArcheAge online sports a complex and sophistocated trading system powered by player-made goods from craft professions like fishing, mining, harvesting, etc. But what really breaks the mold is the fact that players don’t just walk up to some NPC-governed auction house and hawk their goods on a homogenized market, but are involved with the production, transportation, and protection of their goods on the way to distributing them in real-time. Players get to experience the thrill of boarding a cargo ship full of the week’s yield with their guildmates and navigating open-ocean on their way to the nearest port town, all the while defending their hard-earned goods from players who’ve decided to bump the system and earn their keep by hijacking trade vessels. Or you may find yourself one of these pirates, forever flagged by NPC’s as an “outlaw”, scouring the seas on the Black Pearl or the Galleon looking for noob ships to plunder.

3. Open-World PvP
In ArcheAge online, players get to experience a fast-paced and highly political PvP system. In a world full of open-PvP zones where players explore at their own discretion, they may unwittingly find themselves in the middle of an all-out war! With the war & peace system, when player-killing in an area reaches a critical mass, a 1-hour war can start with a 30 minute period of preparation and fortifying defenses through craft, and then 30 minutes of PvP mayhem with political objectives. After the war comes a “peace time” when no PvP is allowed… until the cycle begins again.

archeage openworld

ArcheAge online is not your typical MMO full of repetitive quests, boring professions, and cookie-cutter classes, but a trailblazing online RPG where players can truly carve out their own original experience, free from the world-based restraints and constricting storylines that plague games like WoW and ESO. In you could compare it with RPG, it might be quite similar to Fallout 4 ( Class system that rewards creativity, a real-world economy open for manipulation, and a vibrant and totally unconventional world to explore, ArcheAge online charts new, format-challenging territory that will impact MMO trends for years to come. is the place to go if you're still quite unsure where to go for your online gold needs. They have an impressive archeage gold provider comparison system that allows you to compare prices too.